Welcome! Here’s what you need to make your first class a first class experience

  • This workout is tough, possibly the toughest you’ve ever done but if you have been working out you will be awesome. You’ll probably become obsessed with it (like we have). It’s a workout that actually changes your body because it’s so different. Some people confuse us with Pilates which we are not. Think Chuck Norris Total Gym with the intensity turned up 1000%.
  • BE EARLY! If class has started you cannot join us. We make 0 exceptions to this policy and it is for your safety. You need a rundown of our machine and how to properly use it during class.
  • Make sure you have grip socks and water! That’s all you need to take class.
  • We have lockers (with keys!) for your belongings.
  • Let your instructor know of any injuries.
  • DO YOU! It’s our motto! You know your body better than us so do what feels good, push yourself and have fun!!