Sculpt Level 1

This fitness class is great if you are a beginner or you just like consistency since this class is all our foundation moves and the same moves every class. It’s still hard but it’s completely off the front of the machine and very manageable for most fitness levels.

Sculpt All Levels

Always a different class but great for both beginners and MegaPros! This class is the majority of the classes on our schedule and if you’re new but you’ve been working out prior to coming to Sculpt you will be fine. **Note if you’re brand new to working out we recommend starting with some lighter workouts before taking Megaformer

Sculpt Level 2 (Advanced)

This class is for clients who take Megaformer with us (at our studio) 2-3x a week to take class together and rock it. This class is where we push each other to the limits together. We burn together, sweat together and shake together. If you’re coming to the studio once a week or every other week we recommend taking an All Level class vs this class. It’s the class where everyone is familiar with our method, our studio and our brand of Megaformer.