Although it’s hard to put into words we’ll try our best. The Megaformer workout is usually a 50 minute workout cut into blocks to hit every part of your body for a total body workout. Arms, Abs, Right and Left Oblique and Right and Left Leg comprise the blocks. Keep in mind during Abs and Obliques you work your ARMS, CHEST and BACK the entire time. You work each body part until exhaustion and honestly with the amount of stability you need on the Megaformer, you work your core the entire time. Every movement is done slowly and with control,  usually a slow 4 count out and a slow 4 count in. This gets into your SLOW TWITCH muscle fibers (that will be explained in a post later on) and it’s unlike anything you’ve done before. This includes Pilates. No Megaformer is not Pilates and it’s not Megaformer Pilates it is just Megaformer. It’s truly in a class by itself combining cardio, strength training and SOME elements of Pilates into one workout. In addition to stabilizing on the Megaformer, it has resistance springs (from 8 to 150 pounds) to ensure you never plateau with this workout.  It actually gets harder as you get better and become more body aware. Think of a Total Gym turned way up with intensity and resistance. This may not be how every Megaformer studio brands their workout but it’s definitely how we brand ours at SFS. Since the workout is done slow and controlled, there is practically no impact on your joints or spine. Your muscles will get to exhaustion before your lungs do in this workout. It’s hard, you will sweat and you will be sore for days but it’s effective and it’s definitely worth it. Is it the most challenging workout you’ll ever do? We think so.