Please be familiar with our Studio Policies before coming to class

NEW CLIENTS-  if class has already started, you are not allowed to join class. New clients should arrive at least 5 minutes early. We want to give a rundown of the machine for your safety so we do appreciate when you’re early.  No exceptions and you will lose the class credit.

RETURNING CLIENTS- if you are more than 5 minutes late we cannot let you into class as it disrupts the instructor and clients who were on time for class. We also give your spot to waitlisted clients in the studio 2 minutes into the start of class.

GRIP SOCKS- We are a grip socks required studio as of August 2018. We cannot let anyone take class without them for safety and hygiene reasons.

PHONES- No phones are permitted in the studio. If you have an emergency we will watch the phone at the desk for you.

CROSS TALK –talking during class is a major distraction to the instructor and other clients around you.

QUESTIONS – If you have a question please wait until the end of class. You are in each exercise 1-2 minutes and we promise if you’re doing it wrong we will come over and correct you.

CHECK IN PLEASE – make sure the front desk knows you are here.

RESTROOM – If you need to use the restroom please do so before class. For no reason should you be walking around, going to your locker or getting off our machine during class. This is for your safety and the safety of our instructors. You wouldn’t do it in a spin or barre class and don’t do it at Sculpt. 

POSITIVE VIBES ONLY – We keep a welcoming and inspirational vibe for our clients at all times. Come with a positive attitude and ready for the best workout of your life!