-First if you do not subscribe to our notifications you need to turn that on in Mindbody in your account profile (see below). You will not get an auto-email when you move from the waitlist into class otherwise. Can be found under your profile personal information:

waitlist screenshot

-If you cannot make class take yourself off the waitlist. Up to 2 hours before class you can move into class and off the waitlist. If you do get into class and cannot make class you will lose the class.

-If it is less than 2 hours until class we will make every attempt to contact you and if we do not hear back we will move to the next person on the waitlist and you will be removed from class and the waitlist.

-We will soon be activating a text messaging option to our waitlisters that all clients will be opted into and required to respond to get into class once moved from the waitlist.

Where to find your waitlists:

Go to My Schedule and Click Waitlists in the upper right hand corner

schedules screenshot

Once you click on Waitlists, again in the upper right hand corner, your current Waitlisted Reservations will show up (like below).

If you cannot make class click the Cancel button to be removed from the waitlist. Otherwise if you make it into class our 12 hour cancellation policy applies

single day waitlist screenshot

Can I call the studio to see if I made it into class?

Unfortunately we do not have a phone number. Every reservation is handled completely through Mindbody and our robust FAQ, Studio Etiquette and Welcome section of our website. Have some questions about class that you don’t see answered here? Shoot us an email at info@sfsphilly.com and we will get back to you in a very timely manner.