We are so excited to launch client of the week! Every week a specific instructor will pick out a fitness client to showcase on our social media and our website. Meet Michelle – she is an absolute rockstar Picked by Ari!!

fitness client of the week - michelle

How long have you been coming to Sculpt?
-“I just celebrated my 1 year Sculpt anniversary last month. “

How often do you take classes?
-“I started out taking 1-2 classes a week, but now I try to take 3-4 classes a week, very occasionally I’m able to squeeze in 5”

What drew you to try this form of fitness, and what do you like about it that makes you come back?
-“I actually saw a clip on the local news one night about Sculpt and how it had really transformed one man’s body and lifestyle. It was compelling enough that after months of trying to convince my NJ friends to try a class with me, I finally signed up for a class on my own. I remember feeling so out of shape and uncoordinated at the start of my first class, but your energy (you were my first instructor(ari)) was so positive and welcoming, I loved it. Since starting at Sculpt, my body has never been so strong.”

What is your favorite exercise we do in class, and maybe a particular part of the body you most enjoy working on?
-“I really enjoy standing-inner-thigh because it feels somewhat like a stretch, but I get the shakes every time I do it, so I know it’s working. I also love plank-to-pike mainly because it was nearly impossible to do when I first started at Sculpt, and it feels so good now. I love the fact that Sculpt works my entire body, I have little muscles and definition in places that I never thought I would or could.”

From Ari – As an instructor who LOVES this method, it truly makes my day, makes me want to jump out of my own body with excitement when I see people like Michelle trying, pushing themselves, taking cues and hints and working on mastering the method one class at a time. Some days we’re off our game, but the point is to take a break, whether that’s for a second or a day, and get back up on the horse.