For every different studio you attend, you need to create a separate account before you can book classes. Click Sign Up! to create an account on our site specifically. Make sure you remember your password. The best way to remember your password is to click the Remember Me box.

On the MindBody Connect App, you don’t need a separate account for each studio, this is where people tend to get confused. If you schedule everything through the App there is no need to create an account with us. Please note if you work only through the app we will not have your credit card information on file and any in studio purchases like Toesox and apparel you will need to bring a credit card to class.

Can’t sign in? Click Forgot Password and your password will be emailed to you. We do not have access to passwords and cannot book classes on your behalf on our end. If you do not schedule the reservation in MindBody your spot isn’t guaranteed and there’s a possibility we will cancel the class if on the rare occasion the class is otherwise empty.

After you create an account you will enter your credit card information and can begin to purchase and schedule classes all through MindBody. .