Great question! With all the press we’ve had and the results some of our clients have seen we have so many people asking us if our method is right for them. Here’s some information to make the right decision if you should take our class.

We need to let you know that Sculpt is probably the hardest workout you’ll ever do.  Our workout was designed to give you serious REAL results in just a 50 minute workout therefore the intensity is high. Here’s a few questions and answers to make your decision:

Have you been working out/fairly active? If yes then you will do great in one of our classes. If you’re apprehensive take a Level 1 class which is the class that’s full of our foundation moves completely off the front of the machine. We recommend all new clients take a Level 1 to start. If no then we recommend starting with some days at the gym before coming to workout with us.

Are you someone who works out a few days a week yet is either not seeing changes or is at a plateau? Welcome. This is the workout you’ve been looking for. This workout is also great for people who do serious cardio training outside of our studio (running, training for marathons, cycling) as a perfect complement to those workouts. This is the workout that athletes do to perform better in everything else they do.

Are you brand new to working out? We will be very honest – this is not the ideal place to start. While our workout is low impact, it is very intense. Probably the most intense workout you’ll ever do and we would never want you to get discouraged. We recommend being able to plank for 60 seconds and a little bit of a fitness foundation before you do our workout.