If you’re looking for results you’ve come to the right placeĀ 

Many of you have asked in studio about what I am doing to make serious changes to my body over the last few months (almost a year). Today I want to tell you about the trial and errors and what really worked for me. I will also tell you that I wasn’t holding myself accountable to take class. Maybe I would take once a week if that and I was so focused on everything else having to do with the business of Sculpt that I didn’t give myself the opportunity to do my favorite thing (it’s not only take class but take class with all of YOU)

It started last Memorial Day weekend when I took a picture at the studio I’ll admit it was a bad picture (pic on the left) but it was eye opening. I knew I had to start taking class more – probably made class 2-3 times a week at that point and wasn’t super consistent. I also started intermittent fasting in September – which I love. I used to eat many small meals throughout the day and that doesn’t work for me – if it works for you great! I became a little more educated on insulin resistance and meal timing – right back to my drug rep days plus I’m a nerd. I never thought I could do IF but once you get used to it it’s amazing. I was able to make it to 9:30am in the beginning and now I can easily make it to 11am with my bulletproof coffee in the morning to hold me over (my BP coffee I do coconut oil in it because I’m not a ghee fan). I started to see results but I need a few more changes to really make it happen for me – I’ve struggled my whole life with this if you don’t know. In October I started taking five classes a week and I cut most of my carbs – still get carbs from veggies etc and I LIVE LIFE on the weekends. I had a few major life changes around that time that too and I needed to have tons of energy and feel my best. Things really started changing then! I also didn’t restrict myself over the three days I was home for Christmas and let me tell you that eating sugar and carbs didn’t make me feel amazing. Didn’t care I was living and enjoying but recognizing the importance. Balance yo.

Come January I took one more step and cut most diary out of my eating. Still on a high fat plan but just noticing that my body doesn’t respond in a positive way to it. Will I still crush cheese every so often? Darn right. Some weeks I take 6 classes some weeks I get in 4 but overall the strength training (I’m a slow twitch betch) component of Sculpt360 plus a few simple changes to my eating has completely transformed me not only physically but mentally too. I still have a few drinks and pretty much eat whatever I would like in moderation on the weekends. I have more energy plus I love being able to stay in reverse giant bear the whole time (haha). I want to share my story of how even though I own the studio we don’t always commit to ourselves and what can happen when we do.

Love and Lunges,