We pride ourselves on being the best value in Philadelphia. Our unlimited option is a (much) lower price point than studios with a similar method (some don’t even offer an unlimited). Why? Because we want you to join our community 3x per week and we know you’ll take classes at other studios as well.  We understand that Philadelphia is a unique growing fitness city and we want to keep our studio cost effective for ALL clients. We encourage you to do our workout 3x a week for optimal results. Our unlimited is priced so that it makes sense for most clients to choose that option if you do Sculpt on average 3x a week which is what we recommend to get the most out of your workout. We’re excited to be launching member perks soon too! In the near future our unlimited will be going to a month to month commitment (ability to cancel anytime!) but our members will get early scheduling access, retail perks and opportunities to bring friends for free!

Breakdown of $200 Unlimited:

On average 2 classes per week – $25 per class (our monthly 8 option is more cost effective for you at $21/per class)

On average 3 classes per week – $16.67 per class

On average 4 classes per week – $12.50 per class